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Troubleshooting Shift on the Fly Door Popping on 98+ Rodeo/Amigos
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Oil Consumption:
Isuzu claims that 1 Quart per 1000 miles is normal on the Isuzu 3.2 and 3.5l engines.  From what we have gathered through experiences it ranges widely from no oil used in 5000 miles to 1 Quart per 1000 miles.  Many people have found that after switching to synthetic or synthetic blended oils they have lost less oil. I went from 1 quart per 1200 miles to about 1 quart every 3000 miles now that I switched to mobil 1 synthetic oil.  Most people feel that this isn't a major problem since the other repair costs and maintenance costs are low.
TOD Whining:
I had a horrible whine in my TOD system as well as unable to easily shift from 4wd lo to TOD.  The problem was that one of the tires had a different diameter than the other 3 and was throwing off the TOD sensors.  Even though the tire was the same make, model, brand, size etc.  there may have been a variance in manufacturing which caused it to be a different size.  Once the tires were all the same diameter the noise went away.
Tapping Noise in Front @ Highway Speeds:
If you have a bug guard/wind deflector on the hood from the factory, this is likely the problem.  The part that wraps around the fenders is a big flimsy and the edges wind up whacking into the fenders at highway speeds.  One idea is to use a dremel and cut off the wrap around portions or attach a piece of felt to the rubber stops on the sides so that it doesn't vibrate as much.
Parts #s for Aftermarket Items:
Sway Bar Bushings from JC Whitney:
The JC Whitney part numbers for the 1 inch front and 3/4 inch rear anti-sway bars are shown below.
(These part numbers are from the JCW website and are slightly different than in the catalog.) Order the bushing kit
with the Type -A- (smaller) bracket.

Product: Bushings For 1" Diam. Sway Bars
Sku #: 88ZX7546P
Unit Price: $9.95

Product: Bushings For 3/4" Diam. Sway Bars
Sku #: 88ZX7540T
Unit Price: $9.95

Installed on 95 Trooper. A very easy and inexpensive upgrade. They reduce body roll a decent amount especially when combined with aftermarket shocks. I believe that Isuzu might have increased sway bar diameter in later model years, so suggest you double-check your own year before ordering.
Rancho 9000s for 98-01 Trooper:
part no.: 9214 for the front, and 
part number 9215 for the rear. 
Valley Spring Works Springs:
Unfortunately, I do not have the part numbers for the VSW springs; nor do I think they call them by part number.  You just tell them what the application is, how tall you want them over stock, and how stiff you want them over stock. I think they just take the stock numbers and go from there.

I can tell you that they were about $215 (incl. shipping) for the pair; the person to deal with is named Bill, who seems to be the owner; and their numbers are 707-678-3944 and 800-287-2645
Sway Away Torsion Bars:
SWA 1549, they were bought @ 4 Wheel Parts for around $215.  These are upgrade Torsion Bars for the '98-'01 Troopers.
Lund Interceptor Bug Guard:
Here is a link to the Lund Bug Guard for the Trooper '98-'02.  JC Whitney carries them.  Here is a link also to the main Lund page.
Roof Rack Install:
I put a safari style on my 99. I just poppped the rubber strip off. It comes off pretty easily. The holes are fairly easy to find. Get a picture of a troop with a rack and look very carefully. once you have found the taped over holes you just pop throught the tape with a knife an bingo, beautifull factory anchor nuts. It sounds much harder than it is. Just remember to seal the bolts you use. you will need to trim the rubber/aluminun strip to put it back on. a razor blade and tin spips do just fine. This worked on the 99. Your milage may vary.

You can see a troop and where the brackets go. I used this setup. 

Aluminum Expedition Racks on
Transmission Excessive Upshift and Downshift:
It happens when the car is fully warmed up, and is NOT engaged in TOD. It happens ONLY when the truck is going uphill (even the slightest grade) between 35- 39mph (ONLY at this speed). It sounds like wind noise under the car , and feels like the car is losing power - it might be a downshifting problem with the transmission, I'm not sure. The reason this problem is difficult to replicate is that Baltimore is mostly flat! There are only two hills in my neighborhood where I can replicate the problem, and no hills near my dealer! Last week I went to upstate NY in a very hilly suburban area, and this noise happened constantly, always going up a hill, always between 35 - 39 mph!

The car is driveable, but downshifts when going uphill between 35 - 39 mph, resulting in a whooshing sound and remedied (temporarily) by flooring the gas pedal or keeping it in 3rd gear. The dealer said they'd provide me with a rental since it's a warranty repair.

Intake Gasket Leak on V6:
Symptoms include surging idle from 200 rpms up to 2000 rpms during idling.  Also possible stalling at idle as well.  If anyone has any more info on this please e-mail me so I can post it up.
Trooper Cost of Ownership 0-25K miles:
I created a spreadsheet of the operating costs of my 1999 Isuzu Trooper over it's first 25,000 miles. I was surprised that my fuel economy averaged 17mpg, and many times its range exceeded 350 miles before refueling. Well, at least I found the data interesting.  This was sent to me from cwmoser on Forums.  Here is the link.  
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