ISUZU-Trooper Bike Rack for Inside!

How to Make a Bike Rack for inside your Trooper:

I designed a rack that can keep bikes inside your vehicle (front wheel off w/o putting the seat down) for about $40.00. Here's what you do, first your going to need a 2x12 cut to @ 13.125" long. Purchase the bike mounts as shown in the link. Rotate the rear seatback down to the flat position, the 2x12 fits into the plastic cavity on the back of the seat. With the bike inside, and front wheel off, install the mount to your bike fork, then close the rear door (30% side) for mine. Wedge the rear tire into the cavity on the door by the storage pocket to put a preload on the bike. Set the bike mount on the 2x12 and mark your holes to drill (I used a 1/4 lag bolt) to install mine...walla that's it!

Link to Parts

Thanks to raydahs  on from the group for this detailed article!
Last updated on 01/29/2002 10:15 PM