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Sidesteps, Sway-Away T-bars and New Mud Flaps ARB Installed
Jason B's WTC Salute, please view! Very Funny Sound Clip Windows Media Player..
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Paisan's Trooper Page   Isuzu AOL IM Page
Isuzu Owner's Gallery FAQs  
Isuzu How To Upgrades Subaru and Isuzu Events
Rear Bumper Protector ver 1  ver 2 ASSender
3rd Row of Seats in Australia  
Misc Links:
Trooper Cost of Ownership 0-25K miles    
Subaru Section   Team IAC Racing
Independent 4x Paisan's XT6 Page  
NY International Auto Show Airborne Trooper! You'll need Real Player for this.
ECB Nudge Bars ECB Nudge Bar Group Buy
Paisan's SVX Page    
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Isuzu Web Page Subaru-Isuzu Plant Page
Isuzu Axiom Page Isuzu of Japan
Corporate Isuzu Info The Isuzu TRUCKS
General Isuzu photos and links:
3rd Row Seats in Trooper from Malaysia Torque On Demand Explained!
TOD Lights on Dash 99 Trooper Warranty in PDF format
Japan's Isuzu Owner's Club Story of a Trooper
Big Horn (Trooper Japan) Accessories Catalog Trooper Blue Prints  
Trooper Across the Sahara Desert Trooper Safety
Edmunds Town Hall
Look for the Isuzu Owner's Club!
Outdoor Wire Message Board
Great Info source, ask for Chris Perosi.
Planet Isuzoo
Well worth joining, lots of off-road stuff.
GM Power train Official Web Page
GM's website detailing the trannys(isuzu uses em too).
Duramax-Diesel Web Page
GM's Isuzu Diesel.
Joe Isuzu Web Page
Tribute to Joe Isuzu.
Isuzu Webring
Yahoo's Webring.
OZ Isuzu
Australian Isuzu Club.
Isuzu On&Off Road Board
Alternative msg board.
Good Off Road Article
A good off-road article I came across.
4wd, AWD, Explained!
Excellent 4wd and AWD explanation.

New Vendors Page!

On The Car Connection
On The Car Connection.
The Trooper is up against the full size boys in an Edmunds comparison test.
 Australian Safety Test Page
All Isuzu Tests
Edmunds Isuzu tests page.
Trooper Test Drive
New Car Test Drives, tests the Trooper.
Misc Links:
Eugene's 280zx Turbo   Timing Belt Chart
Sequioa T-case Diag 1   Diag 2  
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